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The Dukan diet and Thermomix

The Dukan diet and Thermomix

I often wonder if you can use the Thermomix with the Dukan diet and my answer is my answer is a question And why not?Normally this question makes me people who are thinking about buying a Thermomix (Vorwerk) or its equivalent Mycook (Taurus) and doubt to the large outlay they are. Particularly I have lived all my life without anything like it and think it is something that is only worthwhile if:

A) You are on the money.
B) Kitchens lot of things that are not pout.
C) Kitchens large quantities.

MT5 Thermomix (Vorwerk)
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Mycook (Taurus)

The Thermomix or Mycook are great instruments and the truth is that I used the first, and I liked sack performance when I cook for several people, but if I had not have one with me. I do not see sense to pay so much money to grate the bread when you can do with a grater. Another thing and that's the point C, is that you need much breading then it makes sense. What makes no sense is to buy these devices only to "join the club" and brag, as I know that many do. In such cases the device just cornered in a corner.

How else breadcrumbs need a follower of the Dukan diet? I think little

Example of recipe with Thermomix for Dukan Diet

Here is a recipe (warn that it is not my creation) so you can see the possibilities.

Cheese flan and chocolate for the Dukan diet

Two egg whites.
Skimmed milk (250 ml),
Four light quesitos
One tablespoon of liquid sweetener for cooking,
One tablespoon of fat cocoa
neutral gelatin (3 sheets to moisten water).


We put all the ingredients (except gelatin) in the Thermomix and schedule seven minutes (speed 4, temperature 90 degrees).When missing a minute to time, we add fresh from the water jelly. We draw the final mix and place it in a bowl, letting it sit in the refrigerator several hours before serving.

Is it better or Mycook Thermomix?

My experience has been primarily with the Thermomix, although I also tested the Mycook and several different models and my opinion is that the first models Thermomix were superior in construction to the first of the Mycook, but today I see no significant difference. The Thermomix has the advantage of being a little more collected design, making house best in kitchens with less space, but construction quality and features, Taurus became the batteries in the latest models.

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