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The quail eggs

The quail eggs in the Dukan diet

Quail eggs, their properties and low calorie diets
The Dukan diet can be healthy

On many occasions he has attacked the Dukan diet calling it not be healthy. What is certain is that obesity is bad. Losing weight is the result of an imbalance to which we subject the body, ie, consuming more than we eat to force the body to burn its fat stores do not think force is healthy in itself that imbalance, the ideal is not to need but since we are going to do we must ensure that this imbalance is only lack of fats and other nutrients the body needs like vitamins. (And nope! The body also needs a minimum amount of healthy fats)

In this blog we will try to present recipes and foods that allow us to have a diet as varied as possible to avoid these necessary elements we lack.

Today I will talk about something that I love and that is very unknown, how healthy are the quail eggs.

The quail (Coturnix coturnix) is a small bird of the gallinaceous family, so their meat has a similar content their family hen.We can use it in the chicken dishes for variety and take advantage of their different taste. A change is always necessary on the palate.

Their eggs are brown and black spots, but what catches your attention is their size, are small, almost one third of that of a hen, so sometimes "pull back" because they seem a bad buy, but it happens quite the opposite.

Comparatively they have a higher percentage of protein than chicken (13% and 11% respectively). Added, it must be said more fat in proportion to its size but not found out. Also they noted for its high content of phosphorus, sodium, potassium, iron, calcium and magnesium.

For vitamin B1, containing 140%, outperforming the misérrimo 50% of chicken.
There are no known cases of allergies to eggs quail (and drama is being allergic to eggs) and there are studies that argue that help fight allergy symptoms because of its protein content ovomucoid.

Quail eggs combat the symptoms of allergies

Another of its properties worth noting is its low cholesterol content.

Quail eggs are ideal for eating raw, cooked, poached or fried. Even by its small size used to decorate dishes or use them as "cover."

Take advantage of them to improve your diet, whether you want to lose weight with the Dukan system or just want to be healthy.

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