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Alcohol and Dukan diet

Alcohol and Dukan diet

I always say that the most important thing is health, much more than slimming itself, so when discuss the issue of alcohol and I tell you from now that alcohol is harmful. Many doctors say that if alcohol was invented today, it would be classified as a hard drug. On the other hand, you can not say, and not for me to do, that that drinking alcohol is automatic synonymous with being an alcoholic.

But it is well sermons, you're an adult and you know what you do, let the subject.

Can you drink alcohol on the Dukan diet?

The simple answer is NO, albeit with reservations. But why? Because alcohol will be metabolized as a hydrate of any carbon, so it will leave the stage of ketosis and therefore do not lose weight as you should. That is why during your weight loss should not

So I can never drink a beer or something? Well, use your head. In the stabilization phase itself. Note that you have already reached your ideal weight and can take food at other times and could not be less strict now allow you to keep your sanity. You can take alcohol as other carbohydrates but without going over, and more in this case.

Are there alternatives?

The best alternative will always be water. The vital, healthy and calorie-free liquid. On the other hand, the monotony is a great enemy of any diet. I recommend strongly that you learn to make infusions. The recipes are as simple as sweetened water and add herbs such as chamomile or anise. Take them cold (or hot course) in the moments when you need a drink to "have color."

Other alternatives are light and tea drinks. Remember that light drinks may have few or no calories, but have a high composition of chemicals, so although not fatten is not as healthy and tea contains protein, which is similar to caffeine. Use them sparingly

Definitely do not drink sugary soda, but that, even if you were not dieting.

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