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Infusions low calorie

Infusions low calorie diet, suitable for any diet Dukan diet. 

The best drink is water there and the worst for a diet is the monotony. Weight loss diets do not usually recommend that sugary soft drinks and drink Dukan diet, either. In fact, no dietitian recommends them for health care, infusions are the right alternative. 

In this post we will give recipes low-calorie teas to hydrate at any time and place. 

Infusion cinnamon 

Hot water 

Canela (Click to enlarge)

(Almost boiling) water is put cinnamon in powder or branch (try straining later) no more than five or six minutes. It can take hot or cold. 

Cinnamon gives good taste and good smell. cinnamon can reduce blood sugar levels and decrease the body's resistance to insulin. In addition, cinnamon boosts metabolism and reduces appetite. Therefore, infusion of cinnamon can help fight overweight and obesity. 

Chamomile infusion 

Dried chamomile flowers 
Hot water 

Camomile tea (Click to enlarge)

(Almost boiling) water gets chamomile flowers (try straining later) no more than 10 minutes. There are also prepared in bags such as tea. It can take hot or cold. 

It has always been taken to alleviate stomach pains, but its benefits go far beyond that. 
It is worming, ie eliminates worms. Relieves the aches and pains of the rules in women. Fights headaches and neuralgia.Relaxes the nervous system smoothly though. Stronger action to better make a tea with chamomile, lime and lemon balm. 
This plant is also aperitif, digestive and choleretic, thanks to a bitter principle present in this herb. 
It contains another important ingredient called chamazulene, which currently is used to combat asthma in children. 

Infusion of Anise 

Hot water 

Aniseed (Click to enlarge)

In almost boiling water a few teaspoons of anise is added and brought to a boil. At that point it turns off and let stand 10 minutes the seeds are strained. It can take cold or hot. 

It gives a very sweet, ideal flavor when yearns for sugar so it is good to forget about this item and help us lose weight. It is a good remedy for stomach pains and flatulence. It is also expectorant

Star Anise infusion. 

Star anise 
Hot water 

Star anise (Click to enlarge)

(Almost boiling) water flowers gets star anise (try straining later) no more than 3 minutes. Two cucharadistas per cup is fine and give more power to heat until it boils and then it sit 2 minútos.También are prepared as tea bags but I think they are not as successful as other teas, best natural if you have time. It can take hot or cold. 

It gives a pleasant sweet taste and I prefer ice. It has satiating, digestive and antiflatulent properties. It has been widely used to relieve colic of babies and their associated gases today but this is not recommended because its side effects are negative for someone less than two years. 

Green Tea 

Green Tea 
Hot water 

Green tea (Click to enlarge)

(Almost boiling) water gets a little bag with tea or a sphere no more than four minutes. It can take hot or cold 

Little need be said of this mixture of water and tea. This type of protein and catechins you have that speed up metabolism, helping you lose weight. On the other hand green tea it has antioxidant powers thus preventing aging. 

Red tea (Pu-erh) 

Red tea 
Hot water 

Red tea. Click to enlarge

(Almost boiling) water is put a bag or a sphere red tea with no more than four minutes. It can take hot or cold 

There are studies that talk about the fat burning power of red tea in addition to its power to strengthen the inmulógico system and lower triglycerides and cholesterol.

Infusion Rooibos 

Hot water. 

Rooibos (Click to enlarge)

(Almost boiling) water is put a bag or a sphere with rooibos no more than four minutes. It can take hot or cold. 

Contrary to what many people believe, rooibos is not a tea but a shrub that comes from South Africa that is completely different but the taste is similar. As the main distinguishing feature is that it has protein, so it is ideal to take it at night because they do not lose sleep. 

Rooibos has a red color because its leaves are allowed to oxidize in the sun. When sold without "ferment" in this way it is called green rooibos and is yellowish. The latter form is richer in antioxidants but its flavor is less intense. 

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